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The Land Records Search allows you to search the Easton Town Clerk's index for recorded land records documents from 1/2/1979 to the present. The search will return a list of Grantors/Grantees or Parties, the Date of the Document, the Book/Page and Instrument Number of the Document. Document images are available on public search workstations in the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall.

To begin your search of the Official Records, simply do the following:
  1. Read and accept this Disclaimer, and click on "Accept" (below).
  2. You may search on "Party Name," "Document Type," "Instrument Number," or "Book/Page." You may also limit your search by date range. In addition, you may click on "Other" and search on either "Legal Description Line 1" or "Recording Date".
  3. Once you have followed these easy steps, you will be presented with a list of documents matching your specifications.
You can perform additional searches by selecting "New Search".

If you desire a printout or a certified copy of the actual document, you may come to the Town Clerk's office. The copying cost is one dollar per page. Should you require a certified copy there is an additional one dollar per document charge.

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This site only contains index data relating to land records in the Town of Easton.

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